L.E.A.R.N. Imperial Valley

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We serve Imperial Valley adults over 18 (or 16 if not enrolled in school) who would like to improve their computer, reading, and writing skills.

Please fill out this form to track your hours and click "submit". Thank you! 

Updated 9/8/17

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*If your learner stops attending your tutoring session please let us know in the tutor comments box. Also include the reason why they decided to leave the program if any reason was given. Make sure to submit the roles and goals form for that learner.


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Date of tutoring session:
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Tutor's name
If you have more than one student in your tutoring session please include all their names (first & last name) in this section. Also include next to their name how many minutes or hours that student was in the tutoring session.
Please indicate how many books were given away to your learners during this tutoring session and the title of the book.