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We serve Imperial Valley adults over 18 (or 16 if not enrolled in school) who would like to improve their computer, reading, and writing skills.

Please select the goals that your learner has set, improved on, or completed this fiscal year (July 2017 - June 2018). Also make sure to submit this form only once by the due date (June 30th).

Updated 9/8/17

If you wish to print out a blank copy of the roles and goals form please click here...

Today's Date *
Today's Date
Tutor's Name *
Tutor's Name
Learner's Name *
Learner's Name
My goals as a life-long learner:
1. Learn the alphabet, letters and sounds
2. Read a book, newspaper or magazine
3. Write a letter to someone
4. Learn to type/use computer keyboard
5. Write, send and receive email
6. Search the internet
7. Get a library card
8. Check out or use library items regularly
9. Pass part or all of the GED test
My goals as a family member:
1. Write checks/pay bills
2. Read health education information
3. Read medicine labels
4. Plan nutritious meals
5. Share a book with children/family
6. Help children with homework
7. Take children to library storytime
8. Interact with the school/with teachers
My goals as a worker:
1. Find a job: search want-ads/online
2. Fill out a job application
3. Write a resume
4. Interview for a job
5. Get a job or get a better job or promotion
6. Perform current job tasks better
7. Read a work-related manual
8. Obtain a license or certificate
My goals as a community member/citizen:
1. Access community services/resources
2. Speak to others about the literacy program
3. Get involved with a community issue
4. Get a driver's license
5. Prepare to vote (read Easy Voter Guide, register)
6. Vote
7. Become a volunteer
8. Pass the Citizenship Test
Other Goals:
1. Improve conversation skills in English
2. Learn to use a tablet or phone
3. Learn the 100 civics questions for the Citizenship test
Please indicate below if there are any other goals that your learner has set, made progress on, or met that are not listed in the above categories.
Please share with us a success story.